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HVAC technicians repair, maintain, and install heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in all types of settings. These applications include residential, commercial, medical, and industrial sectors. These skilled technicians can also replace old systems with new, energy-efficient ones.

Have 5+ Years of Experience as a Journeyman?

Staying comfortable is crucial, especially in the hot Arizona heat. Whether the weather warms up or cools down, HVAC technicians are needed in all types of environments like:

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Frequently Asked Questions

HVAC technicians repair, maintain, install, and regulate heating and cooling systems across Arizona.

Now that HVAC technicians are beginning to age out, the demand for new journeymen is rising.

Those who are interested in becoming journeyman HVAC technicians must complete the five-year United Association (UA) apprenticeship program. Those who already showcase industry experience throughout their apprenticeship may be able to complete the program in less than five years.

Want To Become an HVAC Technician, but Don’t Have the Experience?