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Job Opportunities

Whether you’re an Arizona local or traveling out of state, you can find the latest job opportunities at UA Local 469. Give our job line a call at 602-956-9702 to find out what jobs are available for your chosen trade.

If you want to view available jobs, click the button below and use this information to get logged in.

For Local 469 Members and Travelers on the Out Of Work List:

  • Your User Name is your seven-digit UA card number with 469 at the end
    • Example – 1234567469
  • Your Password is your eight-digit birthdate
    • Example – 12251980

For UA members NOT on the Local 469 Out Of Work List:

  • Your User Name is 7654321469
  • Your Password is  01012000

After you are logged in click on “View Open Job Orders” to see all open work calls.

  • If you want to know more about a job (certs required, start date, etc.) click on the Job#
  • You can sort many of the columns by clicking on the arrow next to the title of the column.

At this time, only viewing of work calls are allowed and you still need to call the job line to register for a work call.

Work calls for the following day will be updated at 6:00 pm each day.