Become a Virtual Design & Construction Detailer

The Brains Behind Project Design

Those who become certified detailers work directly with fabricators and installers of other trades. Virtual Design & Construction detailers will transform project documents, specifications, and field measurements into 3-D images that are transferred into a Building Information Model (BIM).

Have 2+ Years of Experience as a Designer?

Want to be a part of Arizona’s most important projects? Collaborate with superintendents, architects, and engineers to bring specifications to life through 3-D images and animations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Design & Construction detailers work to produce 3-D digital drawings that help manage various projects.

Even though most of your time will be spent indoors, there will be times that you will be required to visit job sites to collaborate.

There are two routes you can take to become a Virtual Design & Construction detailer. The first is through our full five-year apprenticeship program with an emphasis on technology and detailing. The second is through our experienced VDC technicians. Both paths lead to competitive benefits and wages.

Want To Become a Virtual Design & Construction Detailer, but Don’t Have the Experience?